Cafe Splash | BrandStanding Season One


April 8th, 2019

20 mins 18 secs

Season 1

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What do mom’s want? Some want bespoke artisanal lattes, others want a morning mimosa, and still others want a little something extra in their morning pick me up. However, founder of Cafe Splash, Rasheda Crockett, says the main things her mom wants are bottomless Folgers, a hook for her purse, and someone to help her reset the password on her Facebook profile. Is Cafe Splash brewing up success? Or has the coffee trend cooled off?

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The Announcer was played by Mark Guiney, Creative Director of Sounder & Key.

Taylor from Legal was played by Tricia Vasinda.

Tony Vasinda is the Head Game Designer of Balthazar Games and host of The Threshold Podcast.

Jen Brown was played by herself, Jen Oleniczak Brown. Jen is the founder of The Engaging Educator and Fearless Winston-Salem and can be online-stalked on Instagram at [@yesandJenBrown]( or Twitter at [@JenOleniczak](

Rasheda Crockett is a writer and creator living in New York City. You can find her on Instagram at [@shedaface](

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