The Flying Dead | Brandstanding Season One


April 8th, 2019

23 mins 7 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

How much would you pay to have your loved one, turned zombie, shipped to an exotic location far far away? When Mandy Tollhouse and here husband Chuck found themselves asking this question they knew just what to do. Buy fleet of second hand airplanes and launch the first airline service designed to get zombies where you want them to go. AWAY! Will The Flying Dead take flight? Or are their aspirations brain pie in the sky?

Vote at Brandstanding.Show or send a text! Just text "TheFlyingDead" to 63566.

Look for the game on Kickstarter this May!

Brandstanding is a 100% REAL Pitch show with REAL founders pitching their REAL early stage startups*. We searched across the US for four feisty founders to pitch their innovative ideas to our Investor Judges, but more importantly to YOU, our listening audience. That’s right on Brandstanding our listeners, not the judges, who choose which of these four scrappy startups has what it takes to be the last brand standing and walk away with a full year of funding to bankroll their breakout business. So check out the brands below and vote on which one you think should win this total #PitchFest.

The Announcer was played by Mark Guiney, Creative Director of Sounder & Key.

Taylor from Legal was played by Tricia Vasinda.

Tony Vasinda is the Head Game Designer of Balthazar Games and host of The Threshold Podcast.

Theresa Bova is a student of Theology and Catechetics at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. And fun fact, while she may not be a billionaire investor, her family DOES own a pizza company. Find her on Instagram at (@theres.akarol)[

Mandy Tollhouse was played by Gretchen Eng. Gretchen is a producer and performer of The Armando Diaz Experience and other shows at the iO theater. She appears as Jayme Rangoon on the Podcast Hello from the Magic Tavern. Find her on Twitter at @GretchenEng.

Chuck Tollhouse was played by Trevor Knickerbocker, a Chicago-based performer. You can find him @TrevKnick on Twitter.

Brand$tanding is produced by Sounder & Key, in partnership with Balthazar Games and the iO Theater. The iO Theater is home to Chicago's best improv comedy with shows 7 nights a week. They offer classes in improv, writing and more!

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